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Barack Obama Facts
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The positions of Barack Obama on education include plenty of details about all levels of education, not ignoring anything. He discusses high dropout rates, pre-k, k-12, and even rising costs of college tuition. He wants to pay teachers more by working with them to develop an accountability system that will give teachers more pay and support for doing a better job.
  • No Child Left Behind Left The Money Behind - Obama has repeatedly said that NCLB left money behind for the failing schools that need it.
  • Pay Teachers More, Give Them More Supports - He has repeatedly used this line when talking about education. He also says he will work with teachers to develop the system of merit-based pay.
  • Help With College Costs - Obama has offered to give huge tax credits to people going to school if they sign up for a year of community service in return.

Barack Obama Facts
Fun Facts | Wright | Obama Bitter
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