Barack Obama
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Barack Obama Facts
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Fun Obama Facts

1. Obama used to smoke cigarettes, but has quit, although he's claimed to have a couple during the campaign.
2. Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review, a Prestigious Harvard Law Newspaper.
3. Obama's favorite food is Chili.
4. His favorite books are: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison; Moby Dick, Shakespeare's Tragedies, Parting the Waters, Gilead, by Robinson; Self-Reliance by Emerson; The Bible, Lincoln's Collected Writings.
5. The Godfather I and II are among his favorite movies.

Nonsensicle facts:
1. Masamune, the legendary Japanese swordsmith, created a sword called the "Obama". He would slice things, and it would change them into something better. He often sliced bread and it would change into roast beef.

2. One of Barret's Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy 7 would turn him into Barack Obama. You would instantly win the game, however, and so the developers removed it.

3. Obama's cell phone works even underwater - it's an unbreakable I-Phone, modified by Chris Hughes to work on Verizon instead of AT&T.

4. Barack Obama's MP3 player is actually built into his wristwatch. Unfortunately the CIA also communicate over the same frequency.

5. Barack Obama is a level 396 Paladin when playing Dungeons & Dragons. He has the ability to instant when the game simply by saying "Hope Change".

Barack Obama Facts
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